Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition in which the fibrous tissue of the body (read muscles), becomes chronically painful. It can involve connective tissue and joints, but that is less common, and there is often an overlap of other conditions, making a true picture challenging to arrive at.

At Kennesaw Mountain Clinic, a patient who believes they have, or has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), is first given a thorough exam to determine if there are non-fibromyalgic sources of pain in their body. The exam looks at all areas of pain and possible causes. It can help determine if non fibro type pains have been missed. Then there is a second exam during the same visit which is based on the pre-2010 exam developed by the National Association of Rheumatologists. This exam is believed at this clinic to be the most definitive exam for FMS, and superior to subsequent questionnaires. If this second exam diagnoses FMS, or confirms an earlier diagnosis, the patient will then be given, only with their permission, a small dose of Dr. Comanor’s Solution to see if there is a discernable reduction in any areas of Fibro pain. If there is, several more doses will be given until maximum pain relief is achieved. If there is significant pain relief for the FMS pain, the full protocol for using the Solution and what to expect is discussed. The Solution has never been given to a patient who did not have a dramatic reduction in pain during the first exam and treatment. We have had not only good results, but hundreds of remissions at this office over 13 years.

Dr. Comanor’s Solution is a natural and safe concentrate which is diluted in a little water and given as a nutritional supplement. In 2014, after nine years of clinical testing in several different clinics, Dr. Comanor’s Solution was awarded a United States Government Patent. The patent is for Composition and Methods for the Relief of Neuropathological Pain, or nerve pain. If you or someone you are close to has this horrible condition, please call us. Dr. Comanor will be happy to discuss the exam with you. Thank you.


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