Almost everyone in this section of the galaxy knows what allergy is. However, allergy varies from person to person considerably. It can be an almost unnoticeable swelling of the sinuses to a life threatening anaphylactic reaction.


Allergies can cause pain and fatigue. Any time the body responds to an allergen, the immune system uses a lot of energy. Allergies can be like a battle of two fronts – exhausting. Whether you are having hives, sneezing, “spaciness” or stomach problems, your body is using your available energy to cope. Even if you have no obvious symptoms, the fatigue you are feeling may be your immune system reacting to an allergen. 


  There are many ways to treat allergy: skin injections, over the counter meds, and pharmaceuticals. But for those who wish to try a more natural way to relieve allergy, or for folks for whom these approaches haven’t worked, there are elimination diets for food allergies, homeopathic remedies for any kind of allergy, and nutritional approaches which include protein dissolving enzymes for outdoor type allergies. We offer all of these at the clinic, but they are not our first choice. Thirteen years ago, Dr. Comanor developed a human bio-computer based system to treat any kind of allergic response. It most closely resembles acupuncture, but is not part of classical acupuncture treatment, even for allergy. It is a way of getting the bio-computer to recognize a specific allergen or allergens, and close the program that is running that activates the immune system to over-react. It works amazingly quickly, is non-invasive, and lasts anywhere from two months to two years, and is easily and very inexpensively repeatable. A change in symptoms can usually be seen immediately after treatment.                                            

   Chemical Sensitivity- for those people who react to fragrances, cleaners, asphalt, dyes, smoke, candles, plug-ins, etc., we are the go-to clinic. In 2015, Dr. Comanor received a United States Government patent for a natural formula that allows those with chemical allergies, whether mild or severe, to be able to be exposed to these items with little or no reactions. There is nothing that we know of anything like it. We have used it here and in some other clinics for close to fourteen years, and it works almost every time. The best part is that it is over the counter safe, and affordable.

    If anyone who reads this is a Gulf War vet who has, or knows one who has, Gulf War Syndrome, please tell them to get in touch. Multiple chemical sensitivity is one of the symptoms, and Dr. Comanor has a special research program set up to see if the patent could help. Just have them call the office and tell Faye, the office administrator who they are. Thank you.


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